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Title: Castle Nathria HC Cleared, Shriekwing Mythic and SSSR
Post by: Hack on January 20, 2021, 17:10:34 PM
(no, you are not seeing things, we killed him twice for fun!)

Double Denathrius!

A great night of raiding is what everyone enjoys and this raid was just the same. We got our kill of Sire Denathrius (Heroic) to secure our 'main' raiders Ahead of the Curve for this tier. This has perhaps taken a little longer than usual but this has been down to Blizzards scaling on this particular fight not working very well for larger groups (29-30 generally). We cut the group size down to roughly 20, went in and got a kill after a couple of pulls. Then to make sure it was done right, we then got the remaining members of the raid team who missed the initial kill and rekilled it again (but this time a minute and half faster than the first kill!).

Congratulations to the raiding team for this well deserved kill...

(note, the floor on the first kill might have been a little ouchy at the end..!)

Shriekwing. Mythic. Batty.

So, yeah we killed old Denny and wondered what we could do for the rest of the evening. Didnt take long til we reformed, and re-entered the raid on Mythic difficulty to have a quick look at Shriekwing and get an idea of how the fight would look. Unfortunately for the boss we discovered that it liked it's belly rubbing rather quickly and within 4 or 5 pulls it died. First Mythic boss this expansion killed with many more to come!

(Again, proving the rogues have no idea of how to line up for kill shots)


Our 'Semi Serious Social Raid' team has also being making progress through the raid encounters within Castle Nathria. Having cleared Normal mode out they are now mid way through the clearing of Heroic and doing great. Hungering Destroyer kill provided by Ug: