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Title: SSSR Marches Onwards and Darkvein Progress..
Post by: Hack on February 10, 2021, 12:23:08 PM
Blimey, I go and make a news post and then the SSSR team only goes and gets a extra kill on the same day as I post so.. Please welcome Sludgefist to the 'heap' of battered and abused bodies that the SSSR have taken down. So by my maths.. that leaves 2...
Can nothing stop the march of the SSSR?

This last week has seen the SSSR raiding team making a little more progress through Castle Nathria with not just one but two fresh kills. This time Artificer Xy'Mox and The Council of Blood fell.


(Above: Arcadíes, Azixius, Chandy, Eyebeam, Fierth, Funzies, Furless, Furtroll, Guldfistarn, Infurnal, Jinkshaft, Mak, Morax, Muncen, Nibaw, Nikolis, Shurdi And finally, but not least the one, the only, Tzar Tireath)

Congratulations to them all, 3 to go!

Lady Darkvein Progress

The main raid team has made some further progress despite having people unwell and having to change plans at the last minute we have have had a few really good pulls on 'Lady Inerva Darkvein', taking her to a 11%. A few changes here and there and I think she'll be going down soon, hopefully later this raiding week. Below is a direct quote from one of the younger members of the raid team and his feelings of this encounter!

(what an edorsement!)