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Castle Nathria Progress

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SSSR - ?
Heroic - 15/12/2021
Mythic - 19/01/2021

SSSR - ?
Heroic - 15/12/2021
Mythic - 21/01/2021

SSSR - ?
Heroic - 15/12/2021
Mythic - 02/02/2021

SSSR - ?
Heroic - 17/12/2021
Mythic - 23/02/2021

SSSR - 07/02/2021
Heroic - 17/12/2020
Mythic - 28/02/2021

SSSR - 07/02/2021
Heroic - 20/12/2020
Mythic - 09/03/2021

SSSR - 07/02/2021
Heroic - 20/12/2021
Mythic - 11/04/2021

SSSR - 10/02/2021
Heroic - 03/01/2021
Mythic - Not Yet

SSSR - 14/02/2021
Heroic - 05/01/2021
Mythic - Not Yet

SSSR - 17/03/2021
Heroic - 19/01/2021
Mythic - Not Yet


1. Don't be a dick
2. You are an adult (or should be over 18 if you are in guild, if not then you lied when you applied!), so behave as such.
3. You are a representative of the guild, your actions directly infulence the opinion of what other people think of us. If you are a dick to someone outside of guild then you make us all look like dicks. If we (officers) recieve feedback from anyone regarding their behaviour when grouping with others then your position in the guild could be at risk depending on the severity of the actions.
4. You are expected to be able to resolve issues between you and other members yourself. As much as we would like to think everyone would get one with everyone else in the guild it is perhaps somewhat likely that you may not agree with someone elses opinions. You are entitled to your opinion as much as they are, if you are unable to accept this then it is down to you to find a way to deal with this. Officers are not here to take sides or hold your hand should you not like someone. However, we do NOT accept you getting into a 'public' fight with this person and involving other people of the guild.
5. Those two rules above are quite serious ain't they - read them again.
6. Being in the guild means that we are here for each other, many of us have been playing this game for bloomin years now. There are times when new people come to the game or find out about us from the groups they are in with you. Remember we were all new to this once so be welcoming - you never know, you may learn something new too!
7. Language - just because we are all over 18 in the guild doesn't mean we can or should be swearing, keep it to a minimum :)
8. We have a guild bank, you are free to use items within the first two tabs (Free for all). Perhaps you are a enchanter or make items in game, feel free to deposit any items within here if you want. Other guild members will appreciate it if it help them. Please feel free to donate items to tabs 3 & 4 (Trade skill mats), These can help people skill up thier professions or materials can be utilised for creation of feasts (for example) for raiding. If you gather any tradeskill mats while levelling and don't vendor or auction them then please feel free to deposit them in here!
9. Tying into the guild bank above - Items in here are for use by guild members - they are not to be taken out and sold on the Auction House. Anyone found doing this is likely to be removed from the guild.
10. Enjoy yourself, be known we are all here for each other.


Alt - Do you have more than one character you play? You are welcome to have as many chracters within the guild as you wish, the only thing we ask is that they are logged in and played occasionally. We will generally try and have a cleanout of unplayed alts every few months so if we remove an alt it's nothing against you, feel free to ask for a reinvite. Guild bank access for this rank is restrictive, use your Main character should you wish to get a item(s) out.
Social - 'Standard' rank for guild members who are not particulary interested in raiding but are here for good times with like minded people. You wil have access to guild bank with this rank and higher.
Trial - Just joined us and want to raid, this is the rank you'll get. If you are unsuscessful in your raiding application then you do of course have the option to stay with us but you will be set to the 'Social' rank instead.
Raider - If you want to raid within the guild then this is the base raider rank you want to be aiming for
Officer Alt - Pretty self explanitory
Officer - As above
Guild Master - Rarely seen elusive member of the guild - better to contact a Officer ranked member instead!

Mains & Alts:

Your alts are more than welcome in Dotu as long as there active and not just sitting there gathering dust.
Members of the Adventurer rank or below may change their main character, but with permission from the officer staff.

Switching main character for members with the Raider rank can prove more troublesome, as it may have an impact on raid gear / progress and has only been allowed in a handful of case's.
If you think switching your ALT to your main character is a good idea because you've geared your main up, then think again, this has a very negative impact on the raiding group as instead of gearing 25 or so raiders, that number increase's at no gain to the overall raid group.

If we are short on particular roles, then selected ALTs may be required to attend raids in place of your main. This does not mean that a player has 2 active main characters, but is simply filling in the gaps in the raid setup to allow progress on a specific encounter, generally these alts will be well geared, not far off thier main characters in an ideal situation.


IF you have any feedback or questions on this page then please get in touch with a officer and we will be more than happy to listen and adapt if necessary.