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Castle Nathria Progress

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SSSR - ?
Heroic - 15/12/2021
Mythic - 19/01/2021

SSSR - ?
Heroic - 15/12/2021
Mythic - 21/01/2021

SSSR - ?
Heroic - 15/12/2021
Mythic - 02/02/2021

SSSR - ?
Heroic - 17/12/2021
Mythic - 23/02/2021

SSSR - 07/02/2021
Heroic - 17/12/2020
Mythic - 28/02/2021

SSSR - 07/02/2021
Heroic - 20/12/2020
Mythic - 09/03/2021

SSSR - 07/02/2021
Heroic - 20/12/2021
Mythic - 11/04/2021

SSSR - 10/02/2021
Heroic - 03/01/2021
Mythic - Not Yet

SSSR - 14/02/2021
Heroic - 05/01/2021
Mythic - Not Yet

SSSR - 17/03/2021
Heroic - 19/01/2021
Mythic - Not Yet

Raid Rules and Information

Ok, apologies for this monster wall of text but we are sure that once you have read these through once you will not need to revisit them again going forwards. If there are any changes made to these rules we will of course post a quick message on the discord server to let you all know..

So, yeah, quite a lot to read through but thats mainly because we want to be thorough so that any questions you may have will be covered. If you still have a question then please get in touch with a Officer then we can discuss and get back to you (and update this page should it be required).

TLDR Version:
1/ Sign for Raids on Planner. We have 'Main' raids and 'Social' raids/events
2/ Be online 15min before start. If you are late you may be replaced
3/ Be Prepared (flasks/food are provided generally for 'main' raids, have health pots ready yourself), Be repaired and finally, read up on bosses if required.
4/ Be patient and more importantly have respect for other people you are playing with.
5/ Loot is distributed in a Loot Council so do not equip item until its awarded.

Highly recommend having a read through the below at least once...

Signing up for raids:

First and foremost, IF you are wanting to go to any event please sign up sooner rather than later - this allows us to plan the roster for events earlier or, if there are not enough signs cancel them sooner. If you are a main raider you are also expected to UNSIGN from raids if you are unable to make the raid. Again this allows us plan lineups and we will not have to chase players down if they have not signed!

All the raids (and some non-raid events) are all available on our custom raid planning site. This site was made up by the brilliant Dirky. Basically all you need to do is register an account on there then add your characters to your account using the options at the top (you can add your mains and alts, up to you but only one can be marked as your main). Once you have done this you are free to sign up for any of the events on the main page.

On the planner you will find various events listed. Once you open a event you will see if its a 'Social event/raid' or a main raid. Everyone is free to sign up for ANY of these events but players with raider rank will have prioity on the main raids (social players may be included in limited numbers to encounters which are on farm status further in tier progress for example).

Raid days:

Currently (as of Jan 2021) we offer:
3 x Main Raids a week (Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday - 20.30 to 23.00 server time)
2 x 'Semi Serious Social Raid' (Wednesday and Sunday - 20.30 to 23.00 server time)
1 x Social Pissup Raid (Saturday - 20.30 to... well... varies I guess...)

'Main' raids
These are for the more raiding focused players to sign up for. Generally these raids are reserved for the people who wish to tackle the harder difficulty content of the game. As above, everyone is free to sign for these raids but social players are unlikely to be taken along unless the encounters are on more of a farm status or we are working on getting players the 'Ahead of the Curve' achievement. If you are interested in becoming a main raider instead of a social player then contact a officer and we can discuss it and get back to you. Spaces for this role are limited however due to the maximum raid size of 20 players for 'Mythic' raiding difficulty, we would normally have players in reserve we can rotate in and out (some encounters for example hate melee and need more ranged).

IF YOU ARE A MAIN RAIDER, PLEASE DO NOT GET SAVED IN OTHER GROUPS OR PUG CONTENT FOR THE CURRENT TIER (or if you want to do so, please contact a officer before so we know!)

'Semi Serious Social Raid' aka SSSR:
A step down from the above, players at this level are expected to be interested in raiding but not to the levels of pushing the harder difficulty content. Generally the aim of this 'tier' of raiding would be to complete the 'Heroic' difficulty of the raid in the current tier of content.

'Social Raid'
Saturday night. Chill, relax, bring a beer, glass of wine - up to you. Kick back, relax and kill bosses whilest having a beverage. Content difficulty rating? depends on your blood/alchohol levels.

Raid times:

Generally all the raid events start at 20.30 server time. Most raids will finish at 23.00 server time.

There are notes regarding the 'Main raids' however, when the end time can vary. If we get a kill on a boss with 20minutes remaining but there is 15min trash before next boss then generally we would call the night off early (again, this would depend if its a one shot 'farm boss' then we would probably go for it).

There are times where we would occasionally extend the raid end time also, This should not happen very often, maybe a few times a tier but only when there is good progress being made on an encounter and there is a high chance of success by spending another 20minutes (for example) of raiding.

IF we decide to extend then a ready check will be performed at the normal raid end time asking people if they wish to go on. If you do not wish to then you are free to leave, no one should feel like they have to stay longer than they want to. On Heroic level raids the encounter will 'flex' to scale for the number of players remaining so the raid may continue without you (depending on who stays). Mythic raids require 20 players generally so would end if one person needs to leave, which again, is perfectly fine.

On the evening of the raid we start invites 15mins before the actual raid start time (20:15), it makes everyone's life easier if people are online at this time so that the raid leader can look for replacements and alter the setup of the group. If you are late we cannot guarantee your place will be kept. Obviously check which raid you are joining as we currently have two raids starting invites at similar times!

General raid information:

Generally the first time going into a raid each tier we can go in 'blind' and knowing how a encounter works is not strictly required - this would usually happen on the 'Normal' difficulty of the raid. Once we strat working through the 'Heroic' version of encounters then it would be prefered that you have a basic understanding of how the encounter works and what specifically you need to be looking out for your character role.

When it comes to the 'Mythic' encounters for the Main raider ranked players then please make sure you know what is expected of you and have a decent overall idea of the encounter. Mythic encounters can be very complicated and we do not want to have to spend 15minutes before pulling going over the information you should already know. Officers will endevour to post a guide for some encounters where required so we are all working from the same information. By being unprepared you are wasting everyone elses time in the raid.

We will of course discusss tactics and what we should be doing prior to pulls or after a wipe to check what has gone on. Please be aware that sometimes we need to coordinate changes between different lines of communication in game so if we are sat there for a few minutes and don not appear to be doing anything then there could be discussions happening in the healing channels for example.

IF YOU HAVE any questions or are uncertain of exactly what you should do at specific points in an encounter then please speak up (using your microphone, see below) and ask. We do not want to get 8 minutes into some of the longer encounters only for you to soak a debuff, causing a wipe when you should have ran away!

Addons and mods:
Raiders must come with the following addons installed / enabled:
   Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mods
   Exorsus Raid tools

There may be times where we ask you to get a specific addon for some encounters, please be ready to do so. Ideally we will be able to advise this prior to raid start time. We also highly advise having Weakauras installed as we do sometimes share auras in raid we can use in encounters (important one for our raiders are generally 'Left and Right' and 'Odd and Even', these can be shared upon request)

Voice and outside game chat:
We use Discord for voice, make sure to have it installed before the raid ( For Main Raiders it is also COMPULSORY/REQUIRED to have a functional microphone and be willing to use it. There are too many encounters in the game now where you need to be able to call out quickly on voice for assistance to avoid dying and possibly wiping the entire raid team.

In Raid:

Flasks & Food:
Where possible for the main raids flasks will be supplied via a cauldron, this allows us to supply 30 flasks to the raid each tie we drop one. All we ask is that you deposit one flask into the guild bank each raid to cover costs (this allows us to make two cauldrons so you are basically getting one extra free). On the 20man mythic raids this allows us to cover the entire raid with 3 hours of total flask coverage. We will also try to provide 'Feasts' for food buffs for each pull, generally these will be droppped after a wipe so unless you wish to use your own food for a different stat boost these will cover everyone in the raid team. If possible, and you do not need the materials can you help to deposit the materials required to make these feasts as this will help everyone. If you die on a boss fight and are the only one that needs a food buff (or there are, say 5 people that need it) then please use your own food.

Potions & Runes:
Main raiders please try to have a stack or good supply of your primary potions available for usage. On progress fights these can (and have) made the difference between a 3% wipe and a kill. Once we are progressing on a fight then please be ready to use these on demand. There may be times where you will be asked to hold using your potions until a key point in the fight, this is so we can meet a dps check/burn phase for example. The raid leader will make this clear and checks will be made to make sure that everyone is doing as asked. Augment Runes - Up to you if you wish to use these, these provide a small versatility stat buff which can make a difference. Generally we do not expect you to use these all the time, generally we would advise holding onto these until we are getting to a sub 5% on a fight and these could help make the difference when 20+ people all use them (they are not considered compulsory but having some in reserve is a good idea). Later in expansions there are usually reusable Augment Runes available, if you wish to purchase this then it is entirely up to you (it could save you gold in the long run). Finally, Vantus Runes are another option that will be decided on by the Raid Leader. These give a versatility bonus to those that use them against a specific encounter for that raiding week and do not expire upon death. We will provide these to the raid when required from guild bank

Please repair before coming to raid. Repair hammers will be provided (if we can't mount up) to repair gear when needed, ideally everyone should be around the same durability when a hammer is dropped and everyone needs to repair.

Raid Behaviour

A raid is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but a certain level of maturity is expected from our raiders during a raid. Obviously we don't expect complete silence and eye squinting 110% concentration for 3 hours. Have a good laugh with your fellow raiders but realise when its time to listen up (when a raid leader is giving instructions for example).

Please try to avoid whispering RL's with questions that can be answered by "20" other people, or tactic suggestions. Everytime you do, it stops them communicating to "20" others and having to focus on just you.
A fellow raid member having a tough night? Repeatedly having problems with 1 aspect of a boss fight? 'are you retarded' don't help much  They just add to the pressure on that raider, see what you can do to help instead.

If you have comments or questions about the encounters then please speak up before pulling, we will generally try and give time before each pull for this.

This can be a issue that effects DPS more than any other role, wait, we're not picking on you, keep reading  You may feel like your being ignored at times in /raid chat, but the answer is that RL's just don't have the time to chat in /raid all the time.
For example, theres /o (officer chat) /dawntank (tank chat) & /dawnheal (healing chat) as well as /raid chat to deal with. The reason for all these channels is to cut the spam in /raid. If a boss attempt is unsuccessfully then tweaks & changes happen in these channels, if they spent more time in /raid then we would move even slower. We also make use of WarcraftLogs to analyse what is happening on a pull, why we wiped and what went wrong. This can sometimes take a couple of minutes to process through and then adjust stratergy to suit.
You're not being ignored.

Well we know these happen (sometimes more than they should), but please try to remain focused on the job at hand. If you are required to corpse run, do so quickly, don't wait around. A large amount of raid time can be lost while waiting for one or two people to get back into the instance after dieing, a needless waste of everyone's time. Get back into waiting positions as quickly as possible, buff up and be ready to go when any tactical adjustments have been relayed.

We usually have 1 break in raid, around halfway of the raid, for 5 minutes. People who arent back in time will be given 1 min countdown before being removed from the raid.
If you need to go afk outside of these times, please say, don't just leave 20 other people waiting around. If its because you fancy a smoke, or your mates calling on your phone, please leave that until the planned breaks. If its an emergency then its a different matter and of course do what you need to do, but try to keep us informed. Too often everyone takes turns going afk one after the other, where possible everyone can have a break at the same time leading to less wasted time. After all it's not the men's toilets, more than 1 person at a time isn't a bad thing. We do sometimes have extra breaks in the raid, these maybe just so we can walk about and clear heads on some of the harder fights for example, or just to go watch a video.

No. it isn't.
Finally, we've got to the fun bit, the whole thing that everyone wants when a boss dies! That one piece of loot we have been chasing for weeks or months!
Yeah, it's not guaranteed to be yours. We operate a Loot Council for items that drop in the raids. We are not just gearing 'you', we are trying to gear the raid as a whole. A stronger raid group is a generally far better for the encounters than having one person having all the best gear. Early in a tier, loot can not be generally traded these days (thanks to Blizzard :|). Once we get further and people are able to trade please do not equip a item that drops, you might for example have a ilvl 5000 weapon drop which is a 3% upgrade for you but there may be someone else in the raid who only has a ilvl 4000 item currently and this would be like a 40% upgrade for them - who would you rather got that item? (if you say 'you' then let's be honest, you are not a team player and you can just go find the exit now). Officers will look at loot history and attendance when evaluating items as well as what it is replacing. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT LOOT THEN SPEAK UP AT THE TIME, DO NOT WAIT!!!

One last thing, if you happen to get a item level upgrade outside of raiding please equip it (and in the case of rings and trinkets, swap in/out both slots), the item may be trash in your eyes but this will open this equipment slot for trading items in the raid. Once you have done this you are free to bin it if its a piece of crud.