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Dead - 15/12/2020

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Was a flys left nut off dying last pull..

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Hiya, Welcome the 'Raiding Rules' page!

Ok, this page may look quite daunting in it's length but like all good reads there is plenty of information contained within that we are SURE you are going to love. Have a read through, take it all in, have a think about it and if you have any questions then feel free to fire it over to one of the officer team and we can get back to you on it.

DotU raids can be signed up by using our custom made raid planner over at, link at top of page or on the side menu on mobile (Thank you Dirky!).

Once done you should also be able to see your signup status on the Raidplanner 'block' on the side (or bottom on mobile) of the page. Register your account and add your characters on there.

Currently (as of January 2021) we offer:

Please try and sign or unsign for these raids at least 3 hours before start time so we have time to sort appropriate lineups. Generally invites to raids will start 15min before start times, please see below for specific information on each raid type

'Main' Raids - Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday - 20.30 - 23.00 Server Time - Total raid time - 2.5hours/raid
These raids are (weirdly) the Main raids that we do as a guild, aiming to push progress and clear the harder content within the game (eg. We might clear a 'Normal' mode raid once, clear 'Heroic' 4 or 5 times and then we would aim to be working on 'Mythic' difficulty versions of the encounters. As with most guilds, 'Raider' rank will entail the following:
  • If you are unable to attend a raid and are 'Raider' rank PLEASE unsign yourself on the planner, doing so allows us to plan the raids a little easier and also means we do not have to bother you to ask if you are coming or not! Unsigning is perhaps more important than signing.
  • Raiding on main raids generally will require you to sign up for all 3 raids a week so that we are able to plan progress with a regular team accordingly. If you need a night off or prefer bench then you are free to add a note to your sign up and we will try to accomodate this when planning the lineups. There could be consequences to only attending 2 raids/week however. Examples are completely missing boss kills and a good amount of loot setting you even further behind when it comes to harder dps checks, especially if one misses the farm raids where the gear is acquired.
  • Loots - main raid equipment/gear/trinkets/weapons etc - this is handled via loot council. If a item drops from a boss kill for you then please keep in mind that it may be assigned to another player so do not equip the item immediately. Items are ran through a 'Loot Council' to determine who would benefit the raid group getting the item. We feed the raid to upgrade the raid as a whole, not just the individual player. This has always been key to getting our players geared. See the RCLootCouncil link in 'Addons' below. When sorting the loot we are looking at: ilvl, stats, rank, attendance, roll.. and trying to keep it as "1loot/run".
    Oh, and to add - BoE items that drop from trash etc - these will be treated the same way as boss loot is, if it drops, if does not mean it belongs to you. These will either be awared by loot council and the winner will have to equip the item, or they will go to the guild bank for auctioning for guild funds.
  • Finally, if you are coming to the main raids we do not expect you to PUG content outside of the guild or kill bosses we are going to be going for in the tier of content we are doing. 'PUG'ing content when you are 'Raider' rank without contacting officers prior to doing so may lead to your rank being demoted.

'Semi-Serious Social Raid' aka SSSR - Wednesday and Sunday - 20.30 - 23.00 Server Time - Total raid time - 2.5hours/raid
Want to see the expansion/tiers raiding content, want to progress your character a little without the time commitments (see above) of the 'Main' raids? Then these raids could be for you. Ideally these raids will clear 'Normal' difficulty fairly quickly and then look to work through the 'Heroic' version of the encounters.

'Saturday Social' - Saturdays - 20.30 - What time do you fall over drunk or reach the point of zero hand to eye cordination? - Total raid time - Burp/raid
You like Raiding? Yes? You like Beer/Alcohol/Booze? Yes? Welcome. Sometimes raiding can be a serious thing. Sometimes being serious all the time isn't fun. Sometimes you just want to kick back and chill with a nice alcholic beverage. Sometimes you might want to raid too. Now you can.


Depending on the raiding level you are doing from above will require different knowledge of encounters. Generally the first raids of a new tier will be a more relaxed affair where we go in 'blindfold' and just smash our faces against bosses and see who breaks first. After these initial runs however, especially for 'Raider' ranked players then you would ideally have half a decent idea of what will happen in the encounters, initially just using the adventure guide in game to get a idea of changes from 'Normal' to 'Heroic' may be enough. We would always recommend complicated encounters are revised though to save time on raid night explaining how the fights work and so that if you have any questions we are able to answer them early on.
Mythic raiding will require knowledge of the particular changes to the encounters as some of these fights are very unforgiving and one player dying can easily cascade into a wipe. Do yourself a favour and help the rest of the raid team, don't be that person who runs out with a dot when you should have stayed in so we could have group soaked.

Addons, WA's and Mods

3 main addons, all available via your favourite addon manager or by going directly to curseforge, these are REQUIRED for taking part in the 'Main' raids.
  • Bigwigs or Deadly Boss Mods - This addon displays timers on screen for when certain things happen in encounters - in valuable
  • Exorus Raid Tools - Allows raid leaders to check various things out prior to starting the encounters
  • RCLootCouncil - Addon we use for distributing equipment and loots gained from killing the bosses. See above for more information on loot distribution
  • Weakauras - Optional BUT Can be VERY handy to have installed, as well as being a fantastic addon in its own right it also allows us to share important fight things with the raid group (such as 'Left & Right')

Voice Comms

You have probably realised or know by now but we use Discord for all voice chat during raids, groups or just general banter. It is compulsory however for main raiders to have a working microphone and be willing to use it if they need to say anything during encounters (and also to know when to shut up if we are explaining tactics or going through data). We will always aim to give everyone a chance to ask questions before a pull on an encounter, no question is a stupid question so if you are unsure on if you should move away or soak before starting.. ASK (note. this is not a challenge to ask stupid questions at raid time.)

Consumables, Enchants and Being 'Raid Ready'

Food, Flasks, Weapon buffs (yes, weapon buffs are back in Shadowlands if you didnt realise!) and Enchants.
For the Main raids we will aim to provide Feasts to cover the food buff and a Cauldron to cover flask requirements for the raid. To enable us to provide a couple of cauldrons for the raid we request that you deposit 1 x Flask into the Raider tab on the guild bank, for example 20 people doing this will allow us to provide 2 cauldrons to the raid to cover the majority, if not all of raid time (alchemists get twice as long flask time so will not need the extra third flask non-alchemists can take to make up the 2.5 hour raiding time).
Weapon Oils and Sharpening stones have made a comeback in Shadowlands, they are VERY cheap to make in general so if you need some then feel free to ask a crafter to make some for you, they may even have a few herbs laying about they can use for you.
Enchants - gear you wear for raiding should be enchanted and ready to go. that's basically it. Obviously we wouldn't expect you to enchant a 'low' level item that is going to be replaced very quickly but anything that you have from the raids that is going to be used should be enchanted and ready to use before coming to the next raid (or you could do it on a break should you wish, its your break time... do what you want with it..!)
Augment runes - These have been a 'thing' for the last few expansions now and provide a small personal stat buff (usually versatility). These are not required for raiding until we are hitting the progress fights and getting close to a kill, one person with a Augment rune wont make much difference overall but 20 people all using them can provide far more benefit. Later in the expansion they (blizzard) may add a permanent Augment rune 'toy', this will be down to yourself to buy and use should you wish to.

The above information will vary slightly depending on the raid type you are doing, Social raids are generally more relaxed on these points.

Raid Behaviour

A raid is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but a certain level of maturity is expected from our raiders during a raid. Obviously we don't expect complete silence and eye squinting 110% concentration for 3 hours, have a good laugh with your fellow raiders but realise when its time to listen up (when a raid leader is giving instructions for example).

Don't whisper RL's with questions that can be answered by "20" other people, or tactic suggestions. Everytime you do, it stops them communicating to "20" others and having to focus on just you.
A fellow raid member having a tough night? Repeatedly having problems with 1 aspect of a boss fight? 'are you retarded' don't help much  They just add to the pressure on that raider, see what you can do to help instead.

Don't start giving out instructions that contradict what the RL's are telling everyone. Having 10 people giving out different information only confuses people and wastes time.
If you have any major suggestions or tweaks, use the forum. For minor / quick adjustments, use raid, but as a question, not a instruction to others.

This can be a issue that effects DPS more than any other role, wait, we're not picking on you, keep reading  You may feel like your being ignored at times in /raid chat, but the answer is that RL's just don't have the time to chat in /raid all the time.  We also make use of Warcraft Logs on main raid nights, this means we can look at what happened and why we perhaps wiped, we analyze them, look for mistakes but also can help someone read them/understand.
For example, theres /o (officer chat) /dawntank (tank chat) & /dawnheal (healing chat) as well as /raid chat to deal with. The reason for all these channels is to cut the spam in /raid. If a boss attempt is unsuccessfully then tweaks & changes happen in these channels, if they spent more time in /raid then we would move even slower.
You're not being ignored.

Wipes, AFK and Toilet Breaks.

Generally if we wipe, DO NOT RELEASE. Hopefully we will have some kind of mass res available on one of the healers, releasing and running cold easily costs us over 15min of a raid night. If you are the type of player who sees that big red 'Release' button glowing in your face, drawing you in like a moth to the sun then perhaps this weakaura is for you? Don't Release V2
Well we know these happen (sometimes more than they should), but please try to remain focused on the job at hand. If you are required to corpse run, do so quickly, don't wait around. A large amount of raid time can be lost while waiting for one or two people to get back into the instance after dieing, a needless waste of everyone's time. Get back into waiting positions as quickly as possible, buff up and be ready to go when any tactical adjustments have been relayed. We also make use of Warcraft Logs on main raid nights, this means we can look at what happened and why we perhaps wiped, we analyze them, look for mistakes but also can help someone read them/understand (this is a copy/paste of above.. sue me)

We usually have 1 break in raid, around halfway of the raid, for 5 minutes. People who arent back in time will be given 1 min countdown before being removed from the raid.
If you need to go afk outside of these times, please say, don't just leave 20 other people waiting around. If its because you fancy a smoke, or your mates calling on your phone, please leave that until the planned breaks. If its an emergency then its a different matter and of course do what you need to do, but try to keep us informed. Too often everyone takes turns going afk one after the other, where possible everyone can have a break at the same time leading to less wasted time. After all it's not the men's toilets, more than 1 person at a time isn't a bad thing.

(yes, I see the line above about 'wiping' and 'toilet breaks'. I know.)

Congratulations, you made it to the end. Quite a lot to read (I should know, I just typed it all!). You should only have to read this once though and you can always use it as a reference in the future when someone (even a officer) says something which goes against what we have said in these rules!